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You must read these terms thoroughly because it serves as an agreement between the company  Q WEB and the client .. and seen a client in the company QWEB  agree to these terms and Ihtermhawala Mqdah legal exposure to the company through.....


All sites hosted by the company Q WEB subject to the conditions listed below is the request

of a client to have his site constitutes agreement to the terms described here

First Insurance

Doing maintenance and technical support free of charge to the customer site to have continued

during the duration with the company. And is not responsible for damage by a client's site.


First of all is required to service our OK to protect the company Q WEB from any legal prosecution,

damage or loss caused by the customer's site or the customer himself .


Does not assume any compensation from the company  Q WEB to customers in any form loss

resulting from the implementation of the decision issued by official bodies .


Company Q WEB does not assume the contents of the site or the copyright in the website

 and the customer will be charged to damage resulting from its own service.



Protection and content

Compan Q WEBy vows in the presence of an error in programming or hosting or design you solve it immediately

but do not bear the error output from the client


Company  Q WEB undertakes to provide PAC August for the site is ready for the client when prompted

to take him or turn this version of the rules of evidence in light of the continued service with us


 not entitled to claim at the end of the period of service with 6 days of grace period

Company Q WEB does not assume any liability for personal or payment methods, or any money or

any transfers or reservations or pay Online is the location of the client.


customers can't open law case in the court before send complain to Q WEB EG company and get

answer or the agreement will be canceled and Q WEB EG will open law case infront of the customer 

and be charged for any lose happened to the company because of breaking the agreement of Usage

Policy. any customer in the company already agreed of our terms.


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